I pretty much enjoy EVERYTHING! I like going to Christmas parties! Also we do arts & crafts, go out for lunch & things like the park and summer camp! Its awesome!

Gabe    Ashwood Inn Guest   

Ashwood Inn had been highly recommended by several friends. After going over the information folder, speaking with Brooks, and visiting; we were very intrigued and decided to give them a try. I have to say that Gabe's dad and I feel completely at ease and happy during these extended weekends; knowing that he's treated respectfully, is having a great time meeting new and seeing old friends and is SO busy doing a great variety of fun things.

Gabe is a happy, fun loving young man anyway. I believe he is happier since he's been staying at Ashwood Inn. He really looks forward to every visit; the friends, the events, food, really good times, the memories (:

The Ashwood Inn is a safe and fun beehive of a get-away for individuals (who just happen to have disabilities) and respite for their parents and care givers.

Leslie    Gabe's Mom   

I like coloring, crafts, outings such as shopping, bowling, eating out. Meeting new people and socializing is the best. I am looking forward to staying at Ashwood Inn again.

Kathy    Ashwood Inn Guest   

We chose Ashwood Inn because it is safe and enjoyable. Lori loves the staff and she likes to socialize with new people and to see people she has met. Ashwood Inn is a safe and organized and small enough that clients get the attention they need. It's a great get away for clients.

Lori    Kathy's sister   

I like the activities and to take a break from mom and dad. Best activities? Dances and bowling. I can’t wait to come back!

Troy    Ashwood Inn Guest   

Ashwood Inn was recommended to us by Creative Supports. Troy likes the activities and going places like 1st Saturday dance and Dutch Bros and the independence that he enjoys. He is refreshed and has a better attitude when he comes home. Ashwood Inn is wonderful program that helps not only the client but the family as a whole.

Lori    Troy's Mom   
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