Bed and Breakfast Style Respite Care Home for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Relaxing at Home

Ashwood Inn is a fun, friendly, caring, safe, and all around enjoyable B&B style relief care home and vacation destination for adults with developmental disabilities. Weekends are filled with fun activities or theme weekend for all the guests to enjoy.

Ashwood Inn offers a full 72 hours of respite care with safe and healthy activities for our guests. We provide meals, accommodations, and 24-hour supervision from professional, experienced, and caring staff. Guests are required to bring spending money for activities. If you qualify for brokerage or county services, relief care costs may be covered by your support service funds.

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Ashwood Inn Facts

  • First B&B to serve people age 18 or older with I/DD in southern Oregon. All services and activities are designed to encourage and develop independence and are delivered in a manner that promotes dignity and respect.
  • Guests get a break from their everyday lives and their families get a break from caregiving.
  • Services are unique with only three other similar programs in the United States.
  • Meals are provided family-style at the Inn with careful consideration of guests’ preferences and dietary needs.
  • The ratio of staff to guests is 1:5. During the day for activities the ratio is 2:5. In the case of a guest with special high level needs, management will assess each individual situation and determine an adequate staff to guest ratio to ensure the safety and happiness of all the guests and the highest level of care.
  • Each weekend there are community activities such as Bowling, Wild Life Images, Ice Skating, Mini-Golf, Batting Cages, Crater Lake, Concerts, Hiking, and Live Theater. Activities are planned after considering guests’ preferences and needs.


During their stay, professionally trained staff are present to provide guests with personal care, meal prep, and to help guests plan and participate in the many activities that Ashland and the Rogue Valley have to offer.

Some guests of the Ashwood Inn have not had the chance to participate in community activities with their peers. Staff at the Inn assist each group of guests at the beginning of their weekend visit to plan what they are going to do. Guests are encouraged to expand their horizons and try new things; staff provide transportation and supports to ensure activities are safe and enjoyable.

Ashwood Inn guests

The three-day weekend structure was created to provide a vacation, while promoting the development of friendships that would be more difficult to develop during a shorter visit. The longer time period also aids in the increase of independence; many first time guests have never spent a night away from home or family. At the same time, caregivers get a welcome respite that is long enough to feel relaxed.

Most visitors at the Ashwood Inn return for another visit. It is our belief that everyone deserves a break from their everyday life, and that the Ashwood Inn is perfectly located in Ashland and the beautiful Rogue Valley to provide this break.

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